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Aerial Photography

We provide for our customers high quality and high resolution aerial photograph services.

Our services that are professional and environmentally friendly, are done via the use of unmanned drones that hover above or near their objective so as to achieve better and higher quality photographs than the classical offered images that are taken by conventional helicopters, light aircraft or via paragliding. Additionally, our electrical battery operated drones, are much quieter, environmentally friendly and pollution-free than drones that are powered by conventional fossil fuels. 


Indicative costs for aerial photography

For : Hotels, apartments, residential complexes, office buildings, workplaces, factories, photovoltaic parks, monuments, villas, land, plots, etc.

The price includes:

  • • 35 high-resolution images from different angles and heights.
    • The photos in digital format delivered on CD, SD Card or Memory Stick.
    • 1 Frame with 20x30cm clip and one frame framed 13x18cm aerial photographs with your logo on.

(Also, the aerialphotographs can be printed in different sizes or quantities. The cost of printing is defined upon request)

490.00 € + VAT

For larger projects and that are per case evaluated.

80.00€ + VAT/ hour

Transfer costs for outside the area of Halkidiki.

0,50€ /Kilometer from our base